Della Tofolla Group

    Della Toffola was established 50 years ago and originally focused on food technologies, an industrial sector in which it has become a world leader. It has since progressively extended its range of technological applications, putting all its know-how into research and development to come up with technologies and systems for various types of water treatment, i.e. civil and industrial water, building and mining process runoff, and applications for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

    Now Della Toffola represents a reference and a highly dependable partner for any company that is continuously seeking tomake the best of innovation to improve its production cycles. The technologies currently offered by the Della Toffola Group are constantly gaining ground, in the front line amongst the most up-to-date options available.

    Our Major Areas include:

    1. Water Treatment & Filteration
    2. Filters for sugar solution
    And we proudly manufacture
  • Kieselgur Filters
  • Filter Press
  • Sheet Filters
  • Rotary Vacuum Filters
  • Cross Flow Filters with Ceramic Membranes
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants
  • Pneumatic Presses with Central Membranes
  • Crusher Destemmers
  • And much more...

    Visit the company's website for further detailed product range and customization options.