Separaters & Centrifuges

    Seital is a world leading company in the disk centrifuges (clarifiers and separators) design and manufacturing, high technology machines for a liquid-liquid and/or liquid-solid separation, by means of a high centrifugal force.

    We cover the following applications :

  • Dairy industry: clarification, skimming hot / cold, cream concentration, butter oil purification and manual standardization
  • Beverages: clarification of fruit juices concentration and purification of essential oils.
  • Edible oils/Fats industry: Degumming, neutralization, refining, washing of edible oil/Fats biodiesel production.
  • Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and chemical industry: clarification of solvents, chemicals, fermentation. Recovery of catalysts, vitamins vaccines, antibiotics. Purification of polymer solutions. Gelatin, chemicals. Separation of wool grease.
  • Engineering fluids and industrial water: Purification, Treatment and Recovery of lubricants, hydraulic oils diesels fuel oils, waste oils, degreasing, washing bats, coolant emulsion, valuable substances for industrial process.

  • Our Products include:

    Disk Centrifuges :

    1. Solids Retaining Separators
    2. Solids Retaining Clarifiers
    3. Self-Cleaning Separators
    4. Self-Cleaning Clarifiers
    5. Self-Cleaning Nozzle Separators

    Rotary Brush Strainers and Hydrocyclones :

    Rotary Brush Strainers and Hydrocyclones

    Our standards :

    Our Standard Equipment and Special Executions